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TAB’s Texas Competitiveness Strategic Competitiveness & Critical Supply Chain Initiative

With growing geopolitical challenges, companies are reshoring critical raw material and supply chain components to the United States. This Task Force, created by TAB 2023 Board Chair Massey Villarreal -- with support from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration -- has been designed to study the issues, examine the areas where Texas has a differentiated set of capabilities and advantages and create recommendations and a playbook to assist Texas communities in securing a growing share of this opportunity. 


The workflow:

  • After a competitive bidding process, TAB awarded a subcontract to TIP Strategies to conduct an analysis of Texas’ competitive advantages for reshoring, near shoring and onshoring projects. 

  • TAB convened eight economic development roundtables in Q4 2021 to assess industry deal flow, new industries expressing interest, key advantages, key challenges and how to make Texas more competitive.

  • TAB convened roundtables with industry groups for community college, innovation, finance, aerospace, broadband, semiconductor, advanced manufacturing, ports and infrastructure.

  • TAB convened eight regional roundtables, comprised of elected officials, Chambers of Commerce, and economic development leaders in Q1 and Q2 2022 in Houston, Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, Dallas, Waco, El Paso, Fort Worth and with a statewide group of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

  • TAB began unveiling preliminary findings at the TAB Annual Conference, the TAB Board of Directors and with industry trade groups.

  • Ahead, TAB is finalizing the analysis, finalizing and disseminating recommendations for enhancing Texas competitiveness, and using these recommendations to create the collateral and internet content to help regions throughout Texas.

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